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(A gaming wiki hosted by: Wikia. Sister sites with Coca-Cola Wiki.)
The Wiki on MyCoke (formerly known as Coke Music and Coke Studios)'s history!

  • April 2016 The furni images I obtained exactly a year ago were stolen! Yay! Along with lots of other stuff. I have an idea where to reobtain them. But, it may take awhile. -Imdill3
  • July 2015- I have put some links in a blog post here: July 2015 Links. These links direct to communities that are attempting to revive this game. Let me know, in the comments on the blog, if you know about another community! -Imdill3
  • April 2015- I have obtained all 99% of the furni images. I have added transparency, translucency and cropped all of them. The next step is uploading them to their new pages, which will be happening throughout April. I also need to fix the NavBox code. -Imdill3

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